Natalie Dorman Gasser, IBCLC, RLC, is an international board certified lactation consultant, registered lactation consultant. Natalie maintains a private practice in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin, suburban area, Via di Mamma Lactation Consultations & Breastfeeding Education, LLC. She holds a bachelor's degree from Marquette University in journalism and political science. Following the birth of her daughter, driven by a love of learning and natural curiosity, and a strong instinct toward service to others, Natalie became a La Leche Leader and then an IBCLC.

She believes life is an adventure and enjoys travelling with her husband and two children.

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International Lactation Consultant Association
United States Lactation Consultant Association
Wisconsin Association of Lactation Consultants
La Leche League leader, 2008-2017 

From Natalie:

                 "My mother often spoke about breastfeeding when I was a child and even mentioned La Leche League. I did not realize then the importance of “The Milk” league, and mother-to-mother support for breastfeeding. 
                "I graduated from college with degrees in journalism and political science. I worked as a journalist -- writing, reporting, and editing at newspapers and magazines. I did not imagine that my life and career would later take a turn into the world of lactation. That changed when my daughter was born and I breastfed. I attended La Leche League meetings. I was fascinated about all there was to know about breastmilk and feeding at the breast, from the contents of breastmilk to the motions of the mouth and tongue used to breastfeed.
               "Sharing my own experiences and hearing other mothers’ questions at meetings, I realized how many mothers look for correct and current breastfeeding information and hands-on help. I become an accredited LLL group leader, continued my learning, and then became at IBCLC.
               "In this second career, I make use of my investigative and interpersonal skills from my past work as a journalist to do the problem-solving work of lactation consulting. I look forward to your call." 

 So what  the heck do all these letters mean???


What is an IBCLC and how does it differ from other breastfeeding specialists or lactation counselors? There are so many titles related to breastfeeding that it can be very confusing. 

An IBCLC must complete years of clinical work, college-level courses, obtain breastfeeding and other education credits, and pass an international board exam, which is administered by the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners to applicants around the world. 

An IBCLC must recertify every 5 years with either at least 75 continuing education credits or by re-taking the board exam. An IBCLC must re-take the exam at least every 10 years.

IBCLCs are "registered," meaning you can look them up with the International Lactation Consultant Association (ILCA) and IBLCE (International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners) to make sure they really do hold the credential.

Want to know more about the differences between IBCLCs and other breastfeeding titles? You can take a look at this chart, which explains the differences:

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"Via di Mamma” translates from Italian as “by way of my mother,” or as  an idiomatic expression meaning “because of my mother.”

    The name speaks to your baby’s nourishment; it comes from you!

     Italian street names  often start with “Via.” I like to think of us traveling a  road together, on your breastfeeding journey – whatever that is for you.

     I would be honored to join you and your baby as you work to reach your breastfeeding goals.


Above: My mamma and me!