Consults and Classes

Payment must be made at your first visit. Cash or checks accepted. Credit Card payments may be accepted; please inquire when making an appointment. Clients receive a "superbill" to use when seeking reimbursement from their health insurance.

     Lactation Consultation Visit: $155

            -- Initial evaluation and assessment, with lactation care plan, home or office visit. 1.5 to 2 hours.

            -- a follow-up visit with care plan is complimentary. 1 hour.

      I will visit with you and your baby. Services include taking a full history, observation of a feeding, functional oral assessment of baby if needed, taking weights, and any other things needed to provide a lactation care plan. The second visit is a follow-up to see how things are working (including observing a feeding and other assessments as needed) and add to the plan or make any adjustments; or, in more complex cases (for ex., tongue and lip ties, supply issues, etc.), we will continue care begun at the first visit. I provide this second visit as a courtesy, if a family chooses to use it within one month (there is no reduction in fee if the follow-up is not used or desired). I produce a lactation plan for you and baby at each visit and communicate with your other health care providers as needed.


·         One initial home or office visit to assess you and baby and provide a lactation plan. 1 1/2 - 2 hours

·         One courtesy follow-up visit. 1 hour

·         Phone and/or email help to cover the concern that prompted the call to me; reports and communication with your other health care providers as needed are included.

    Additional related follow-up visits are: $65 for approx. one-hour.

Situations that may call for a length of visit outside of the above package may be arranged. Please ask and we will discuss the circumstances and possible fees.

  Pre-natal or Pre-adoptive Breastfeeding Consultation

1 - 2 hours, please call for fee

For a pre-natal appointment, we’ll discuss in advance what health or other issues may necessitate some advance planning and anticipatory guidance – these may include things such as a baby’s health diagnosed prenatally, multiples, prior breast surgery, etc. We’ll determine how much time will be appropriate for our visit, depending on the complexity of the issue. During the visit, we’ll discuss the issue(s), I’ll share information personalized to you, and we’ll work together to prepare a lactation plan.

For a pre-adoptive appointment, again, we will determine how much time may be needed (likely two hours). At the visit, we’ll review the circumstances of your adoption, options available for breastmilk feeding and/or breastfeeding, and your goals. We’ll work together to prepare a lactation and feeding plan.

    Classes, group or private: 

These classes are original classes developed by Natalie Gasser.
Personalized Pre-natal or Adoptive Breastfeeding Class: $85, 2 hours
Personalized Returning to Work Class: $85, 2 hours (see full title and description below)

       We will meet one-on-one or along with your partner or support person (friend, mother, sister, etc.) to cover one of these breastfeeding situations in detail. The class is based on one of the classes listed below, but can be customized to include circumstances specific to you and your planned birth or adoption, or return to work or other separation from baby. 

         Receive customized education, designed to answer your personal concerns and questions about breastfeeding. Guidance may be given as to how your partner and others can support you in breastfeeding.  

      This differs from the pre-natal or pre-adoptive consult because its focus is education, rather developing an advance lactation plan and clinical care.

      Have a group of women who would like a class together? Contact me with the number of people for length of class, location, and pricing.

    Beginning Your Breastfeeding Journey ©

    Offered to a group or privately.

Feel more prepared and empowered to breastfeed your baby through discussion, videos, and hands-on activities.

    We explore not only the hows of breastfeeding, but also the whys of:

  • the first breastfeeding after birth
  • frequent feedings and feeding on cue
  • milk removal and supply
  • breastfeeding mechanics, latching and positioning
  • biologically normal infant behavior and needs, and more!

     Away From Baby: Maintaining Breastfeeding and Breastmilk Feeding Through Times of Separation©

Offered periodically in group format and privately - please inquire with Natalie if interested.

      In this class, we'll explore topics pertinent to breastfeeding mothers who are away from their babies because of work, school, travel, custody arrangements, etc. With discussion, videos, and hands-on activities, we will explore:

  • determining how much breastmilk your baby needs when you are away
  • preparing a plan for milk removal by hand and pump
  • the mechanics of breastfeeding vs. bottle feeding
  • alternatives to bottle feeding
  • maintaining breastfeeding and attachment to your baby
  • establishing a routine and problem-solving

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